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Credence Capitals

Credence Capitals’s investment philosophy is guided by the global, inter-connected and reflexive world that continues to evolve in its complexity and depth of information. With this, volatility, uncertainty, as well as opportunity, are also likely to be close companions.

Finding a way to capitalize and make sense of this complexity and depth of information, in addition to identifying short, medium and long-term trends and/or opportunistic events, will likely be a formidable factor in determining the level of success that your savings and investments experience over your lifetime.

01. Planning & Strategy

Careful monitoring of risks lies at the heart of our investment process. We believe that managing risk is inseparable from the search for performance.

02. Client’s Satisfaction

Our Fund managers meet with management teams and staff to gain a clear view of how the companies operate. We insist on having the highest quality information available to guide our investment choices.

A long-term investment

In our experience, investing successfully means taking the long-term view. Our investment professionals seek to identify securities that can do well over several years, by using fundamental analysis and paying close attention to valuations. While this approach can often involve taking a stance that is at odds with the market consensus, the expectation is that new information will come to light that validates our opinions and steers the consensus view in our favour.

Some Reasons to Work

We Believe in Best Quality

We believe in quality as the most important aspect of our work.

Customer Relationship

We Believe in Good Relation

We Believe in Abilities

We believe in all abilities. And we know that you do too.

A strong organisational culture

Taking the long-term view is possible because of the way our company is organised and managed. Privately owned by senior employees and focused exclusively on asset management, Credence Capital provides the ideal environment for investment professionals to maintain a long-term perspective when pursuing investment opportunities.

Why Choose Us ?

Credence Capital Company is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalising their event experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference.



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Of Experience

Our Values

At the heart of our company lies our strongest core value of alignment. We align our investment aims with those of our clients’ by investing meaningful amounts of our own assets in our funds. All employees own or have the opportunity to own equity in our company, a further testament to our commitment to our client’s best interests.


Integrity: a belief that to deliver excellent client service, we need to build strong relationships based on honesty, transparency, trust and confidentiality. This principle also underpins the way we work with our colleagues and partners.

Passion: a genuine enthusiasm for investment management – and for growing our assets and client base as we continue to build an organisation that is recognised in our industry.

Our Team