Credence Capitals completes 1 year of its Asia Pacific Operation

Credence Capitals, A UK Based fund management company completes 1 year of its business in Asia Pacific region. Its regional office based in Hong Kong has contributed a major boost to the companies revenue in 2018-2019. The company is planning to invest more in the Asia Pacific market as two of the Major Growing Economy China & India are based in this region.

“The Asia Pacific financial market is completely different as compared to West. But the success in the past few months shows that we can yeild amazing profits. I congratulate my team based in Hongkong for their amazing study & inputs” said Thomas Ketler, CEO, Credence Capitals.

About Credence Capitals

Credence Capitals’s investment philosophy is guided by the global, inter-connected and reflexive world that continues to evolve in its complexity and depth of information. With this, volatility, uncertainty, as well as opportunity, are also likely to be close companions.

Finding a way to capitalize and make sense of this complexity and depth of information, in addition to identifying short, medium and long-term trends and/or opportunistic events, will likely be a formidable factor in determining the level of success that your savings and investments experience over your lifetime.

The tools, strategies, analysis and trading programs developed and utilized by Credence Capitals are specifically designed to navigate through such complexities, allowing to uncover unique opportunities while seeking to protect investors from a moderate or severe downturns in risk assets.

Media Contact: 

Thomas Ketler,

Credence Capitals,

[email protected],

London, UK