Credence Capitals Hits A New Record

Credence Capitals is pleased to announce today that it has crossed the target business of $200 millions. The Company has crossed a combined investment of $223 million in 2018-19 as compared to $147 million in 2017-2018. The new investments in African assets and the business generated from its 11 months old Asia-Pacific division has contributed to more than 50% growth of the company, its highest till date.

Credence Capitals managed a focused portfolio of 25-30 profitable investments ‘drawn from the most attractive emerging and frontier markets’.

The fund infused by the company emphasizes growth at attractive valuations in leading companies with established franchises and consistent revenue/profit growth. Company’s extensive knowledge of South Africa, United Kingdom, Asia, Egypt and frontier markets is continuously updated through extensive “on-the-ground” contacts and resources,”.

“We can give your portfolio a stake in the continent’s most attractive economies, best companies and long-term growth potential.” said Thomas Ketler, CEO, Credence Capitals

Credence Capitals, a fund management agency based in formed in 2014 has turned out to be a goldmine for its investors in the last 5 years. Financials report of company has proved that profits can be generated in diversified market through planning. Its new Asia Pacific market alone is expected to hit a $500 million mark in next 20 months. The growth of the company can be easily understood by the following graph

2014-2015 – $20 million

2015-2016 – $45 million

2016-2017 – $95 million

2017-2018 – $147 million

2018-2019 – $223 million

Credence Capitals was in news last winter after it has filed a case on a local domain provider for the ownership of its .com domain. The court ruled the case in companies favour and they got back the access of its domain in March this year.

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