Purchasing a house or apartment in Costa del Sol, Spain

Investing in property in Spain has become very popular.There is no shortage of real estate agents in Spain but make sure you deal with a reputable one. There is a very wide selection of standards, from farmhouses (fincas) and plots through to luxury villas, townhouses and flats. Due to low European interest rates, this is a great time to consider Spanish real estate. Tourism is a huge part of the Spanish economy and this is reflected in the investment in this industry. The country has a pleasant, healthy climate and in recent years the local authorities have made great efforts to increase the number foreign tourists and residents.

Prior to buying a property you should take a look at the different areas then view your favourites before making a final decision. To play it safe you could also rent a property for a few months in that area first.

A checklist to get the most out of foreign property deals:

  • Have a builder or architect evaluate the integrity of the property.
  • Have your solicitor check outstanding debts on the property before parting with any money
  • Talk to your prospective neighbours about the area.
  • take photographs and draw sketches to take home with you.
  • Explore the property at least twice before you make a decision.
  • set your budget limit and stick to your initial financial estimate.
  • Check what amenities the property has for instance power, water, gas.

Up-front costs for purchasing in Spain
It is usually the case that the buyer also pays the sellers fees. As well as the cost of the property, the buyer will be liable for transfer tax (IVA), plus 1/2% stamp duty. The property registration office will charge you a fee to change the new deeds . This is usually around 300€. The charge is on a scale depending on the contract price. Banks may also charge an additional percentage for arranging the mortgage. In total you should allow 10% of the purchase price for costs.

Though initially it seems complicated, compared to the property purchasing requirements in your own country, the property purchasing process in Spain is reasonably simple once you become accustomed to it.