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The return on investment can be controlled to a certain extent with 3 things. The SOR or speed of return, Leverage and Personal Cash control.

Speed of Return
One of the biggest ways a yearly compounding rate can be increased is to invest for faster turn around cycles. If you can find investments that actually have a one or two week cycle, that is much stronger than a yearly cycle.

Available capital can be magnified using leverage. A $100 dollar account can be turned into a $1000 using borrowed money. If the yield is 10% then on $100 you would have made $10 but if you made a bigger purchase with borrowed money, the same yield is 10% of $1000 which equals $100 so in real terms you have made a 100% return.

Personal Cash Control
Having ready access to your cash puts you in a position to swoop on good opportunities when they present themselves. There is a plethora of opportunities that can be had, for people with the available funds. Anything from a small business in trouble whose assets are worth more than the asking price (which you can sell off for a profit) to under valued consumer goods which can be resold for a profit, or even dabbling in importing from China.

The best ways to increase your speed of return can have a dramatic impact on your annual compounding goals and with a little smart planning anybody can achieve compounding rates of 100% or even more each year. This is not difficult using the above three strategies.