Wealth Management Seminars

When selecting a wealth management seminar, you should look for smaller size classes containing 25 people or less. Topics should include estate planning, financial planning, retirement plans for small businesses and the self-employed, savings and investing for retirement, understanding your 401(k) and employer fiduciary responsibility. Investing in times of trouble and economic market outlook are among other topics that should be covered.

One strategy recently discussed in a wealth management seminar I attended was using the equity in your primary residence as an investment vehicle and asset protection play, however, it is a risky proposition.

Here are the details, you take out a low interest mortgage on your home, you then you invest the proceeds in investments that are protected from creditors. This achieves a few things, first, this keeps creditors from viewing the house as an easy target for legal judgments personally as the home has very little equity due to the mortgage.

And secondly, let’s assume you were able to acquire a mortgage at 6% interest. If your investments return 9%, you are ahead 3%. But don’t make the mistake of taking out an adjustable rate mortgage because you may find yourself losing equity and investment dollars at the same time.

The largest risk you face cashing out all of the equity in your home is what happens if you lose money in all or most of your investments? What if your investment return doesn’t cover the payment on the mortgage and with your creditors decide to take your investments rather than your house?

While the cash out mortgage programs are a good deal, you should consider talking to an attorney about the state laws protecting your home and a certified financial planner about ways to boost investments to cover the mortgage payments.